The undersigned will be given certain information regarding a business and/or property for sale along with pertinent facts with reference to it. The undersigned (“prospective buyer”), agrees not to disclose the information and personal details of said business and/or property. The undersigned further agrees not to discuss the sale with anyone not directly involved in the completion of the transaction knowing that the disclosure of such information could be harmful and damaging to the seller. This includes present staff, customers or companies that presently are used by the seller.

The undersigned further agrees to the following:

Not to recruit any of the sellers’ personnel or in any manor engage with any of the sellers’ employees.

To return to the disclosing party, upon verbal or written request, any of the confidential information received.

Not to visit the properties without the presence of a representative of Delaney Restaurant Realty or previous notification and approval of the seller.

In the event the undersigned completes a transaction with a seller introduced by Delaney Restaurant Realty a closing will not take place without Delaney Restaurant Realty being paid their commission.

The undersigned also represent that they are not a Licensed Real Estate Agent or Broker and contacted Delaney Restaurant Realty as a buyer. (All listings held by Delaney Restaurant Realty are exclusive with a signed waiver of broker cooperation).

This agreement pertains to all properties/businesses introduced or listed by Delaney Restaurant Realty and their cooperating Brokers/Agents and will be in effect for one year from the termination date of the listing agreement with the seller.

Why Choose Delaney Restaurant Realty?

We work with exclusive, up-to-date listings, bringing our analysis, insight, and hands-on experience to every contract. We keep our finger on the pulse of the New Jersey restaurant industry to know what works and how to capitalize on concepts and industry trends. With a proven track record of uncompromising ethical standards, we operate with the highest degree of confidentiality and discretion from initial consultation through the final resolution of your transaction.

How can we help you?

Tim Delaney was far more than just a broker for our transaction. He was a consummate counselor and his expertise of the market and restaurant operations were a great asset to us not only through the purchase process, but through our opening and entire first year. We always turn to him when we have a question regarding any facet of the restaurant business. He is a tremendous resource and someone who puts your success ahead of his commission.

Adam Tierney

Tierney’s Copperhouse, Fairfield, NJ

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